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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is one of the oldest and most desirable processes for the fabrication of plastic materials; it involves heating a sheet of plastic to a forming temperature and draping it over a mould by a vacuum. It is a very versatile process used to manufacture a wide range of products from simple packaging trays to high impact aircraft cockpit covers. It is also used extensively to make design prototypes of products to be produced by other processes.


With many years of experience in plastics vacuum forming, uDesign Solutions has the capacity to handle small and large production runs. We are able to provide full-service vacuum forming services to meet all your requirements. From mould making to finishing and trimming, our engineers are here to deliver the vacuum formed parts that exceed your expectations within your budget.

Vacuum Forming



Low forming pressures are used thus enabling comparatively low tooling costs, which allows vacuum forming to compete with fibreglass, wood, and metal fabrication. Since the process uses low pressures, the moulds can be made of inexpensive materials as well.

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Short Lead Time

As the process of vacuum forming is relatively simple, less time between the design and final stage is required. Additionally, with sophisticated vacuum forming machines, high volume production can be automated so that a large quantity can be easily generated in less time.

Design Flexibility

By using moulds, vacuum forming enables the finished parts to realize design aesthetics. Vacuum forming can also fulfill practical design requirements.


Compared to moulding, vacuum forming is able to deliver the final parts that are more precise to design specifications. Especially for the parts required to support or fit into another object, vacuum forming is a better option to meet the manufacturing needs.

Vacuum Forming


A wide range of cost-effective and high-impact vacuum forming materials are available to suit your specific requirements of colours, thicknesses, and material attributes.



  • Highly durable
  • UV and chemical resistant



  • High impact material delivering in cold and high heat applications


  • Strong and flexible




  • High resistance to petroleum and water-based solvents
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More Materials Available
  • Fire resistant
  • Self extinguishing


  • Ideal for products not exposed to UV or chemical contamination

Vacuum Forming Works

uDesign Solutions has been vacuum forming custom parts to be used for new product development. With years of experience in plastics vacuum forming, we have the capability to accommodate your specifications and produce fine vacuum formed parts at competitive rates.

Vacuum Forming Moulds

uDesign Solutions also designs and makes moulds for vacuum forming based on your specific needs. Check our Mould Making service page to learn more.

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