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ZaZaZoo 2.0 Has Arrived. What's New About It?

This summer, the engineers from uDesign Solution poured their blood, sweat, and tears into developing and building a new generation of animal rides for ZaZaZoo, Canada's no.1 supplier of motorized animal ride rental. So, what's new about it?

Kids on ZaZaZoo rides

As the client ZaZaZoo's goal is to enhance the customer shopping experience by providing unique entertainment that can be enjoyed both by children and parents alike, the situation the company is trying hard to avoid is that the ride stops working unexpectedly while the children and their parents are having fun. To achieve the goal, the animal rides provided are expected to perform well to deliver consistently joyful riding experience. However, the first generation animal rides sometimes fail to do so and that's where the uDesign Solutions team comes in.

The old generation vs the new generation

The new generation is designed to resolve 4 critical problems that have been spotted: constant product breaking down, ride being too heavy, internal electronic faulty, high production cost. Compared to the old generation, the new ride has a simpler but stable body structure, making it less heavy and require less material to build, which effectively reduce the cost to manufacture. To prevent the ride from breaking down, we have also adopted an newly-upgraded control box model. uDesign Solutions' capacity of in-house design and small batch manufacturing allows us to solidify the design details and control quality.

The new generation developed by uDesign Solutions

Product Improvement is extremely critical to your business as if it's done well, it can improve customer experience of the product and the cost to produce it effectively. With the sophisticated experience in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, uDesign Solutions has the full capacity to help you bring a better product to your customers.

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