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The Gee-Gee Waffle Makes uOttawa the First in Canada

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Partnering with uOttawa Food Services, uDesign Solutions designed and built special Gee-Gee waffle makers, making uOttawa the first university in Canada to have its very custom waffles.

The Gee-Gee Waffle

In August 2016, when Patrick Genest, Director of uOttawa Food Services first saw a Mickey Mouse waffle, he dreamed of a custom Gee-Gee waffle for the university. Less than a year later, his dream came true with special waffle makers created by uDesign Solutions.

Within a week of the initial meeting with Food Services, Chris Falconi, Director of uDesign Solutions, 3D printed the first Gee-Gees logo prototype to confirm the design. After the approval of the first prototype, a life-sized 3D waffle iron model was designed, and tested with Play-Doh!

The life-sized 3D waffle iron model being tested with Play -Doh

Testing the prototype with Play-Doh helped the team iron out the changes required, such as making the mold slightly deeper to better define the Gee-Gees logo. Getting the definition just right, like the team wanted it, was definitely the most challenging aspect of the project.

Once the adjustments needed were made and the dimensions were finalized, the team built a third prototype out of aluminum. After the approval, it was replicated to create another five waffle presses, which were shipped out to be coated with a food-safe coating.

Gee-Gee waffle presses

Gee-Gee waffle presses

After a five-month collaboration with Food Services, Gee-Gees waffles are finally available in My Pantry in the university's Dining Hall for students.

uDesign Solutions is proud to to participate in this fun and unique project, making uOttawa the first university in Canada to have its very custom waffles.

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