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Your go-to hardware product development expert in Ottawa

uDesign Solutions is a small, dynamic team of designers and engineers who are dedicated to end-to-end hardware product & specialty equipment development. Based in Ottawa, we have been helping many businesses and organizations bring their ideas to life by leveraging sophisticated experience, advanced technologies, rich resources, and creativity. Collaborating with the University of Ottawa CEED, we empower top engineering students and professionals to produce innovative design solutions that our clients look for. Together, we build what you dream of.



End-to-end product development & engineering services

uDesign Solutions provides end-to-end product and specialty development services for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. With the capability of in-house design and manufacturing from 1 to 1000, we work closely with clients through the whole process to transform any rough sketches to successful products. We also offer high-quality and cost-efficient engineering services including 3D printing, vacuum forming, CNC routing, electrical design, custom machining, as well as laser cutting and engraving to optimize your engineering process, reduce project timelines, minimize costs, and ultimately, achieve desired project results.


Businesses and organizations from a wide range of industries

We have been providing exceptional engineering services to clients from the following industries: Automotive, Education, Health Care, Machinery, Art, Entertainment, and Retail

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