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Fused Deposition Modeling

FDM is a 3D printing process widely known for its competitive cost, speed, and accuracy. Using a heated nozzle to precisely extrude plastic onto a work piece layer by layer, it allows for short throughput time and ultimate design freedom. Our FDM capacity can bring you detailed parts with great stability at competitive prices


Known as SLA, stereolithography is an early and widely used 3D printing technology. The process works by using a laser to cure solid isotropic parts from a liquid photopolymer resin. With a high level of strength, accuracy, and speed, SLA is highly recommended for applications of detailed models and rapid prototyping.

Fine Materials

A wide range of professional 3D printing materials available for FDM and SLA that allow you to make the best possible material choice for your design.

Tough Resin
High Temp Resin
Flexible Resin
More FDM Materials
More SLA Materials


3D Printer Models

Various 3D printer models, including Stratasys Dimension 1200, UltiMaker 2+, and Formlabs Forms 3, give us the capability to deliver durable and fine detail parts that meet your specific needs, whether you are making prototypes or end-use production parts.

UltiMaker S5
Dimension 1200
UltiMaker 2+
Formlab Form 3
More 3D Printer Models

3D Printing Works

With 2 sought-after 3D printing processes, multiple advanced printer models, over 50 printers in house, as well as a large variety of professional materials, we 3D print your ideal form on demand at a competitive price.

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