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Based in Ottawa, uDesign Solutions is a dynamic team of engineers and designers who are dedicated to innovative engineering solutions. With expertise in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, we specialize in end-to-end product development as well as specialty equipment development. In partnership with the University of Ottawa CEED, the team has the capabilities to provide high-quality and cost-effective design and engineering services. From design to prototyping to engineering, uDesign Solutions is here to build what you dream of.

Our Capacities

With sophisticated in-house facilities and tools, uDesign Solutions offers a wide range of engineering services including 3D printing, vacuum forming, laser cutting, laser engraving, CNC routing, plasma cutting, custom machining, electrical design, and mould making to meet your manufacturing needs.


Through a refined design process, uDesign Solutions has transformed many concept ideas into successful products and helped clients from a wide range of industries solve the unique challenges they were faced with.

Guy Murray

Owner, Studio Elite

uDesign Solutions helped me turn my invention idea to a real working product. They made a great effort to understand my needs and worked proactively with me throughout the entire process. I trusted their expertise and experience in hardware product development, and because of that, I got exactly what I was looking for.

Sonny Juane

Director of Global Operation, ZaZaZoo

uDesign Solutions proved to be both innovative and creative in helping solve our technical requirements.

They found the best way to both design ZaZaZoo rides and decrease the cost for small batch production.

Geoffrey MacKay

CEO, The Aggressive Good Inc

I hired uDesign Solutions for two separate projects. They exceeded my expectations on all deliverables and executed the work on time and within budget. Most importantly, they listened to me and produced exactly what I specified. 


I will continue to seek their expert advice and services for all future projects. A dream to work with!

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